by Courtney

 Hi There!

My name is Courtney, and I want to take a minute to Welcome everyone to my western fashion dream!! I am so glad you found us! I'd like to explain a little bit about us and what we offer as well as how to go about placing an order! We are a very small homegrown business. It has been my dream to be able to provide a custom piece of art for individuals seeking something a little different and customized to your liking! With the help of my mom & Bubba, my biggest supporter, we hand dye, hand cut and hand sew each and every individual piece of each bag. We love seeing your vision come to life! Our bags embody our classic western style without going over the top!

For those that have been following us that are new, you probably noticed some inconsistency in our name. Designer Custom Leather originally began as Designer Custom Ropes. However, with some guidance, we decided that DCL better captures who we are and what we do. Rebranding an entire business comes with a learning curve for sure! We ask for your patience as we slowly build our photo portfolio for DCL. We promise the products will remain the same, just new branding!  

Founders of Designer Custom Ropes